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Corporations have a monopoly centralizing eSports, making it difficult for most to be exposed to, compete, or be successful in this industry. It takes a lot of networking, experience, contacts, and money to have exposure, or thrive. This is why we're developing the DeSports Network. DeSports Network aims to be the largest decentralized platform for eSports events, NFT trophies, and achievements. Creating, supporting, and providing a stage for players, teams, and eSports enthusiasts through the blockchain. DeSports Network is introducing the DeSports (“DESP”) token, a new cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network. DESP, alongside a smart contract platform, will provide video game players, teams, fans, game developers, content creators, and gaming communities the required crypto-backed value and tools for tournaments, one-on-one action, marketplaces, betting, fan support, and team/player backing. Users will be able to create, experience, and compete against each other, having complete control of their events, without the need of paying commissions or having overseers/regulators through the entirety of the process. Every event in the DeSports platform will be owned and operated by the community, giving them full control over their events. DeSports Network is changing the way we game...


DeSports Network is a fair, transparent, open, sustainable, peer-to-peer ecosystem that will allow anyone to participate in the world of eSports, earn rewards, NFTs, and achievements. All of this, without third-party involvement, by interacting through the blockchain, utilizing the DESP token as the fuel that fires this platform. As a true DAO, DeSports will be designed to be completely automated and decentralized. DeSports Network will utilize a decentralized consensus algorithm capable of meeting the performance requirements of applications on the blockchain. Under this algorithm, those who hold tokens on the blockchain and utilize them on the DeSports platform will be able to fund and crowdfund challenges, competitions, tournaments, prize pools, special events, spectator duels, and even support their favorite eSports athletes. The users of the ecosystem will consist of investors, individual players, teams, event organizers, spectators, sponsors, and fans. DeSports aims to change the competitive video game business model by taking away the “business” aspects of it, giving the power back to the people, while allowing users to earn rewards, and profit from video games in the process.


Organized eSports events in one way or another have always been a fundamental component of the video game culture. However, it was only in the late 2000s that the industry went on to be truly monetized. According to studies, there’s an 838% year-over-year growth rate of eSports investments. As the video game ethos continues to grow on a global scale, DeSports Network will help eSports reach its full potential, propelling it to the next echelon of its evolution, improving the way we currently experience it.


Global eSports revenues are set to surpass 1.5 billion in 2021. This does not include the revenue from the commissions which broadcasting platforms charge players, teams, and spectators. China brought in the biggest revenues, totaling $385.1 million in 2020. In the second place, there’s North America, with total revenues of $252.8 million. According to Statista, 2021 will see revenues of 25.1 million in streaming and 32.3 million in digital.1 With DeSports Network, these amounts can be redistributed to holders and users of the DESP token.


By the end of 2020, eSports audiences grew to +500 million. In 2021, the global games live-streaming audience is expected to reach 728.8 million in 2021.2 This audience size is now larger than that of American Football & Rugby, with 410 million global audiences in the same period. It’s also set to surpass American Baseball audiences, having only 500 million viewers a year. 920 million people a year in viewership is expected by 2024, according to a Newzoo article. This is an exponential +9.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2021 and 2024. DeSports Network aims to onboard 05-10% of the marketplace by 2023, attaining 46-92 million users in our ecosystem through the development of our state-of-the-art platform, strong tokenonics, and massive marketing campaigns.

Target Audience & Demographics

22% of male Gen Z and Millenials regularly view competitive gaming. 22% of women and 18% of men take part in eSports. Gen Z and Millenials are the highest growing demographics, with millennial-aged viewers twice as likely to watch gaming events on a streaming platform. The same applies to crypto investors, making DESP an extremely attractive asset to both markets.

Betting and wagering in eSports

Just as with any conventional sport, eSports has opened up the world of opportunities to place wagers. According to Eilers & Krejcik, 2020 witnessed an estimated 6.5 million people wagering on different eSports events. While posting wagers isn’t included in the revenue generated by the eSports industry, it is a multi-million dollar a year sector. This aspect of eSports has been around since the sport's inception. Betting on eSports is currently deemed the 7th largest in the world, putting it at the same level as betting on golf or tennis. With eSports continuing to expand, growing a greater audience, betting will therefore increase as well. Betting on eSports may perhaps appear different from traditional sports betting, but eSport action is the same as wagering on soccer, football, basketball, or horse racing. So, how does DeSports Network integrate this into our ecosystem? DeSports Network aims to develop the option to “duel” or “cheer” for your favorite player, or team, earning DESP and other rewards in the process. It’s the same as making and winning a traditional bet.


  • Total Supply 88,888,888,888
  • 33.33% (29,626,666,666.3704 tokens) will be sent to a burn wallet.
  • 293,333,333.3304 tokens limitation per trade, which is 0.33% of the total supply.
  • Wallets will only be able to hold a maximum of 2% of the total supply at any given time (1,777,777,777.76 DESP), making DeSports Network truly whale-proof.
  • A 10% fee will be applied for every transaction. This fee will be divided as follows:
    • 4% automatically added to the liquidity pool and locked until the year 2088. This liquidity fee will be saved in the smart contract until it reaches 0.1% of the total supply. At this point, the contract will then automatically sell the $DESP for BNB in PCS and add it as liquidity.
    • 0.5% automatically sent to a “burn” wallet, making DESP a deflationary token
    • 0.5% automatically distributed amongst all holders
    • 2% allocated for marketing and promotion*
    • 1% eSports financing**
    • 2% for development***
  • When 90% of the total supply is burnt, the smart contract will cease to apply the fee of 0.5% of every transaction sent to a “burn” wallet. This 0.5% will then be added to the already 0.5% distributed amongst all holders, making it 1% in total from this point forward. Buybacks and manual burns will also be performed.

* DeSports Network’s marketing budget will allow for the continuous and tenacious promotion of the ecosystem to gamers, spectators and investors. Marketing can include but will not be limited to campaigns in Web Design, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Reddit, Influencers, Telegram, Discord, Steam, Press Releases (PR), Bitcoin and Altcoin Communities, Gaming Communities, Display Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, Reputation Management, and surprise increases to the prize pool. This will also encompass the onboarding of marketing specialists. **eSports financing can include but will not be limited to Prize Pools, Sponsoring and financing competitions, Sponsoring eSports teams, NFT Rewards. ***Development can include advancement and operational costs of all technology outlined in this document, but not be limited to smart contracts, wallets, SDKs, APIs, updates to the platform, and any other DeSports Network’s operational-related matters. This will also encompass the onboarding of additional developers and consultants to fast-track the progress of our milestones to full the completion of our roadmap.

Development Roadmap

Fase 1 · Galaxia ·

Julio – Diciembre 2021

  • Lanzamiento de sitio web y redes sociales
  • Lanzamiento de la campaña de marketing
  • Auditoría de Techrate
  • Preventa en DxSale
  • Listado DEX
  • Presentación de video (que describe todo el ecosistema)
  • Blog con actualizaciones semanales
  • Expansión del equipo
  • Concursos y patrocinios de jugadores
  • DeSports Merch
  • Puente BSC / ETH / MATIC - para que pueda obtener su DESP utilizando cualquier token
  • Listado CEX
  • DeSports dApp Demo
Fase 2 · Péndulo ·

Enero – Diciembre 2022

  • Revelación del equipo
  • Auditoría Certik
  • Listados CEX
  • ID único | Perfiles de juego descentralizados
  • Cartera DeSports
  • Trofeos, insignias y logros de NFT
  • Fase alfa de plataforma / red
  • Función de donación de criptomonedas de DeSports
  • Torneos y desafíos
  • Fase beta cerrada y abierta de la plataforma / red
  • Más por anunciar ...
Fase 3 · Dimensión ·

Enero – Diciembre 2023

  • A partir de esta etapa, DeSports Network ya contará con un ecosistema sólido y autosostenible, que nos permitirá tomar el 1% de la billetera de marketing y promoción y el 1% de la billetera de desarrollo, asignándolo a la billetera de financiación de eSports. haciéndolo 3%
  • El resto se revelará en el tercer trimestre de 2022 cuando la Etapa 3 se desbloquee al público.

DeSports Network Core Platform

DeSports Network has been created as a BSC-based platform using the BEP-20 Token architecture. This token architecture will be employed to power the ecosystem and finance the token’s base infrastructure, while the DeSports Network platform is being developed. DeSports Network operates on this blockchain for its low fees and the scalability that it provides. It should be noted that it is within our plans to expand onto ETHEREUM (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) networks. This will be achieved through a bridge, where investors will be able to send their tokens to another blockchain for processing. This means that our developers will continue to run the DApp on Ethereum, using ERC-20 token standards and tapping into Ethereum’s developer & user communities, or Polygon’s scalability. DeSports Network has identified the BEP-20 as the most efficient network for the applications, protocol, and use cases we want to develop. This network combines the ease of use, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness required to fulfill our vision. We firmly believe that utilizing any other network or workaround would be overkill and wasted effort.

Unique ID — Decentralized Gaming Profile

With DeSports Network you will be able to develop an integrated digital profile (ID) that is unique to every user, which will be capable of achieving a max level of integrity and operational compatibility without sharing your personal information.

DeSports Network dApp Wallet

A fundamental aspect of the entire ecosystem will be the DeSports Network Wallet. It will streamline user experiences with a detailed view of the assets they hold with actionable data to track, buy and sell by bridging the gaps between our platform, exchanges, and future use cases for the DESP token. User profiles on the DESP network will be synced to the user's Binance Smart Chain address; this will allow for commissions and fees of in-app micro-transactions (e.g.: skins, loot boxes, etc.) or games that can be added to a whitelist.

Sponsorships & Partners

DeSports Network will be partnering with avatar creators, content creators, eSports teams, personalities, and game developers/publishers to enhance the experience of the DeSports Network.

Use cases

Tournaments and Competition Contracts

Through our algorithm, we encourage players to compete and build their custom and decentralized competitions, maintaining reward systems on the platform and within the same economy of the ecosystem. We will team up with existing gaming APIs to align incentives between players, developers, and brands to grow fairly and transparently, based on merits and results.


Challenges will either be one-on-one or team competitions, where the organizer of the event can set their own rules, including entry fees. Participants will then be rewarded by the parameters previously set forth by the organizer.


The online streaming of competitive video gameplay means that established betting activities, such as sportsbook-style betting, can be transposed into this new world. There are a plethora of ways to bet on eSports, and the variety is as broad as that of conventional sports. The most common ways to bet on the DeSports platform will be on the outcome of an individual/team’s competition or challenge. As long as there’s someone who will counter your bet with at least the same quantity as your DESP wager, up to a predetermined time before the event begins, you will qualify to form part of the betting feature in the DeSports Network. Another type of bet that will be available is in-play bets, where you bet on events in the match while it is taking place.

Tips and Donations

Tipping or donation, in this context, refers to viewers and users giving money to players for personal use, whereas donations are for charitable causes; we refer to these collectively as “giving” (donating/tipping process, charity, motivation, receiving a donation, or income). Such donations seem to stem from an extrinsically motivated form of self-determination, which is dependent on external rewards or reinforcement. Game streams are the new form of entertainment, replacing traditional television and cinema for example. Viewers will be able to donate and tip their favorite streamers and players in DESP. Users of the platform will be able to receive donations directly, without the need for KYC, or information; simply by using the DESP token. Unlike other platforms, users and broadcasters won’t need to apply for any partnership program. Users of the platform through the DESP token will get 100% of the profit from the advertisement and subscription revenue received by them. The platform will not only benefit broadcasters but also viewers.

Achievements & Rewards

The tournament, competition, and challenge winners will be awarded badges which can be displayed on their profiles. Certain achievements and badges will be granted special NFTs. DeSports sponsored tournaments, competitions, and challenges will have special NTF trophies for the event winners. These will either be held as a badge of honor and displayed in your profile, traded amongst platform users, or redeemed for DESP


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