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Our Team

DeSports Network is completely governed through a DAO structure. Get to know the team:

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Project Manager

Product Designer

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Project Manager

Business Development

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Project Manager

Software Developer

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Project Manager

Software Developer

What is the DeSports Network DAO?

DAO stands for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization". A DAO is an organization created by developers to automate decisions and facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. DeSports Network’s DAO will automatically execute certain actions like competitions, betting, donations, and achievements without the need for intermediaries. The DAO will utilize $DESP from the Marketing and Promotions wallet to subsidize various operations and initiatives throughout the DeSports Network

How is the DAO relevant to me?

It is important that users and holders are informed, have a voice, and vote in what happens to the future of the token and the project. You can participate in the development of:

  • Listing of new games inside the platform
  • Player verification
  • Team verification
  • Tournament templates and custom rules
  • Competitions rewards conditions
  • Size and reach of hosted competitions
  • New ecosystem features
  • ... and much more to come.

Join us

DeSports Network is looking for talented and driven individuals with experience in marketing & social media, software development, the blockchain, video games and eSports

Solidity Developer

Full Time - Remote

eSports Event Organizer

Full Time - Remote

Marketing Manager

Full Time - Remote

Interested? Contact Uscareers@desports.network